3 Reasons To Open Accounts At Many Bookmakers

An essential trait that makes you a serious and profitable sports bettor is to open accounts at as many online bookmakers as you can and bet on their platforms.

Setting up a new registration and making a deposit is not as time-consuming as you may imagine while the rewards in doing so are very much worth it.

Here are the main reasons why betting at multiple sportsbooks is a shrewd thing to do.

Bet at the best odds

You need to get the best possible price for a selection that you fancy. Limiting yourself to only betting at your preferred bookie means you are gradually losing opportunities to win more money => you are losing money.

Assume you’ve identified a value bet at odds of 2.10 at your favorite sportsbook. However, another bookmaker is offering 2.25 on the same bet. You may think that this is not a huge difference but over the long term it accumulates into a significant amount. Staking $20 at the first bookie will bring you a profit of $22, whereas doing the same at the second bookie will nail you $25. A difference of $3 may not seem worth the effort for you to open an account at the second bookmaker, but this is just one bet. What if you manage to find such differences in odds over the course of 200 bets? That accumulates to a massive amount of $600 which you would basically lose by not shopping around for the best price on offer.

Sometimes Bookmaker A will have lower odds than Bookmaker B on a specific betting selection, sometimes it will be the opposite. It gets even better with each additional bookmaker you sign up with. You essentially have one more shop that offers you prices. Sports bettors that mean business have accounts at as many bookmakers as possible that offer services in their country of residence. This is crucial – having the ability to always bet on the top price in the market saves you a lot of cash.

A simple analogy is with another product that you wish to purchase, let’s say your favorite brand of yoghurt. If 3 out of 4 local supermarkets offer it at $2 but the fourth one sells it at $1, you would surely prefer to buy it from there.

Make each sports bet at the sportsbook offering you the best odds | Get sports bonuses from all bookmakers – Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

In addition, suppose you’ve identified a good bet from a less popular sport or a specific league that Bookmaker A doesn’t even offer you the opportunity to bet on. Instead of passing by your chance to make money, simply go to another bookmaker that covers that sport or league.

Opening accounts at many bookmakers is almost effortless while the long-term advantages that you get from doing so are priceless. Consistently taking the best price on the market is really that important.

Get these betting bonuses

An additional incentive for you to open accounts at various bookies is the sign-up and ongoing promotional bonuses that they will offer you.

Almost all sportsbooks have a welcome offer in place for each new member. It may be in the form of a deposit bonus (e.g. a 100% matched bonus on your first deposit up to $100), a free bet (Bet $20 Get a $20 Free Bet) or any other creative form that the bookie strives to take your attention with.

These welcome bonuses are a great way for you to earn additional income from your sports bets using money that the bookies give you in return of you signing up at their platform. Deposit bonuses provide you with substantial amount of extra money to put on +EV bets.

Free Bets, on the other hand, are also a great way to try winning a long-shot bet with high odds knowing that the wager amount is gifted to you by the bookie. Additionally, free bets are priceless tools in executing certain sports betting strategies such as matched betting.

Moreover, the bonuses do not end with the sign-up offers. Most sportsbooks will offer you ongoing promotional bonuses after you’re done with the welcome offer in an effort to retain you as a customer. Such ongoing bonuses may be the aforementioned deposit bonuses and free bets, but also include many other types of promotions such as 1-Miss Multiple / Parlay / Acca Insurance, Risk-Free Bets, Price Boosts and a lot more.

The more bonus bets you are able to place with money that is practically gifted to you, the better for you.

Spread your betting risk

Betting at only one bookmaker means all of your betting transactions are recorded at one place. This is great when that place is your individual betting journal, but your whole betting pattern will also be available at the hands of the sports traders and other employees at that bookmaker. If you are a consistently profitable player, or you go on a good winning streak, the chances that your betting options get limited, or even worse – your account is suspended, are increasing.

Bookmakers are in this industry for the same reason as you – to make financial profit. If they judge that a certain player is consistently at an advantage over them and is getting money from them on a regular basis, they will either limit or close the account.

For example, assume that you have a 200% ROI on your tennis bets over the past three months at Bookmaker A, and at the same time you’ve lost money on your football wagers at the same bookie. They may decide to put limits on your maximum tennis betting stake, and simultaneously offer you a betting bonus that can be used on football events only. They have all your betting record with them anyway, and they are making decisions on you based on it.

Having an account at multiple bookmakers spreads the risk. Over the same 3-month period you can have the same 200% overall ROI on tennis, but if it’s allocated across 15 different bookies, at one of them you can be sitting at just a 10% profit, while at another one you can be at a loss. Spreading your bets lowers the risk of getting your account limited.

But it gets better – considering that when having accounts at these 15 bookmakers you will be able to shop around for the best price like we discussed above, this 200% overall tennis ROI will almost surely increase significantly.

What are you waiting for? Register and deposit at as many bookies as you can

Combining all three things above, it really is a no-brainer to open as many accounts as possible. If at some point you feel dissatisfied from the sports betting experience at a certain bookmaker, you can always withdraw all your funds from there and close your account. Of course, only after you’ve received and used the welcome bonus they’ve given you 🙂