Stick To Your Betting Strategy

Most of the good things in all areas of our life are happening to us because we’ve had some strategic approach in the first place.

If you have trouble getting up early but you really want to achieve this, you need to devise a strategy about it and alter your behaviour according to that strategy. If you don’t have a clear plan with precise action items and just assume that you are finally going to get up early tomorrow, chances are you will again press the snooze button and sleep in.

If you become anxious speaking in front of a large audience, it’s most likely you won’t magically start doing it the next day without any worries. You need to actively do something about your problem in order to solve it.

Such examples can be endless. Sports betting is no exception. If you make chaotic bets and only rely on Lady Luck to be on your side, without having a specific approach, you are going to fail sooner or later. By tackling the whole process strategically, on the other hand, you will be many steps closer to winning good money from your bets.

Have a business plan

You really mean business when you are betting, don’t you? Your desire is to continuously increase your profit. So treat your sports betting like an actual business venture.

To succeed, every business needs a strategy. A vital part of every strategy is the plan behind it, consisting of your targets and expectations. These targets can be daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. That’s valid for all areas in your life. Just as you have personal goals and tasks for the day, week and month, you should have such for your sports betting.

You almost never wake up in the morning and lay in your bed for hours doing nothing, right? Likewise, you very rarely get up from your bed and start doing random things. You’ve at least thought in advance about what you want to achieve from your day and you already have some tasks at hand.

Approach your betting the same way – with a plan. Not having a plan means that instead of making shrewd sports bets, you are just gambling in the purest meaning of that word. In this case, chances are all your money is gone before you know it.

Stick to your sports betting strategy to increase the odds of winning more money

Choose a sports betting strategy according to your preferences, stick to it and allow enough time to determine if it’s the right one for you.

If your first 5 bets that follow a certain strategy are all losing, that doesn’t mean the strategy itself is a failure. Likewise, if your first 5 bets are winning, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have found a gold mine and you will continue winning at the same rate with winning bets only.

You need a bigger sample of bets before making conclusions. Five bets are not enough. When you get to 50 or 100 bets while diligently following your predefined plan, only then you can say whether it’s working for you or not. When the amount of bets is higher, things even out in the end, that is why a bigger sample of sports bets is necessary.

It’s important to record every bet you make in some kind of journal. It can be offline or online, doesn’t matter. This journal is the tool that will assist you while climbing the steps towards your goals. It will keep you in touch with what really is happening and where you are currently positioned with regards to your goals.

Everything related to your bets and the betting strategy you are following can be there. On the one hand – the actual bet, date, stake amount, the bookmaker you placed the bet with, and what was the outcome (profit or loss). You should keep close track of your finances in that journal. These are the main indicators of how you’re doing.

On the other hand – notes about the bet, including reasons why you decided to make that bet. If it’s a football bet and the recent H2H record was a main factor behind your prediction, write it down. If it’s a tennis bet and a main factor why you backed a certain player was that the match was played on his preferred surface, despite his disadvantage in the general H2H record against his opponent, write it down.

Initially you may feel all of this is tiresome and these notes are just a waste of time. But once you consistently do this over, let’s say, 50-100 bets, you can use the notes in your journal to make a real difference and improvements going forward.

You will notice patterns that are the main reasons for you to win some bets and lose others. Maybe you have your own specific observations and type of thinking when predicting the games in a certain sport or league, and such an approach yields a 70% success rate. So that tells you to continue applying the same type of thinking regarding that league.

Maybe some of your reasoning to make certain sports bets in another sport or league yields only a 25% success rate. That indicates to you that it’s not the most efficient strategy you can use. Maintaining your journal is kind of like collecting big data from all your bets, then analyzing the data to become smarter and improve your future betting performance.

Don’t have deviating bets

Determine rules for your sports betting strategy that are in line with your budget. The nature of your bets should also make you feel comfortable with yourself. Often the type of bets we make showcase our personality.

Shrewd people aim to make shrewd bets. They know what they’re doing and they follow their strategy with the knowledge that their persistence will be paid off in the long term. The main purpose of this website is to present ways in which you can become such a bettor.

People who are more prone to their emotions are less likely to stick to their strategy. I’m not saying you should be like a robot and not be exhilarated when a very nice bet comes off for you, or not be angry for a while after an unlucky losing bet. We are all human beings and it’s normal to express emotions. The vital part is to not allow these emotions to elicit behavior which you will later regret.

Your emotions shouldn’t influence your subsequent sports bets. You should keep a cool head and stick to your strategy regardless of the current circumstances and the unlucky losing streak you may have encountered.

Control your emotions

There are thousands of available sports events for online betting all the time. Placing a bet on any of them is a few clicks away. Things can easily get out of hand if you don’t control yourself. When you are on a bad streak, you are prone to irrational decisions which can destroy your strategy you have followed diligently for weeks, only in the space of hours or even minutes.

If you have a bad day, get over it (everyone has such), log out and continue with other tasks from your life. Go to bed. Continue the next day with a clear head, again following your predefined strategy. You will thank yourself for doing that. And your wallet will thank you, too.

Sports betting can have this mean influence on your brain. You can get off track from your strategy both from winning and losing streaks. Being in a winning streak, your brain can start making excuses like:

“You won more than you expected today, now you got more money on hand, let’s make the next bet with double your maximum stake.”

Being in a losing streak, your brain suddenly shouts:

“This can’t be true, and can’t continue for the whole day, you are better than this, let’s increase the stakes in the next bet so that you at least break even for the day!”

Your brain can elicit emotions that influence your betting and prevent you to achieve your profit goals quicker

Even being in a winning streak initially, if you lose your double-max-stake bet from the example mentioned above, your brain can say to you:

“I was so much ahead before this last stupid bet. Let’s fix the situation and get back to where I was before that bet, and when I get there again I’ll stop and log out, I promise!”

Several minutes or hours later you’re broke. (Not literally broke, but lost all your money set aside for betting during the current month, because you are a responsible person, right?)

Stick to your system. Don’t be discouraged by a few losing months here and there. Trust the process.

In future posts I am going to talk about specific sports betting strategies. The main thing you need to take out from this post is no matter what your strategy is, stick to it – your bets should follow it, no matter the circumstances, good or bad luck, or the excuses you make to yourself to deviate from the strategy.

Give it sufficient time and amount of bets to determine whether that strategy works for you or not. While following that sports betting strategy, follow it completely, don’t do it 80% of the time with the other 20% consisting of random chaotic bets. Otherwise you can’t really say if it’s working or not.