Live Betting on Euro 2020 Qualifiers

The first batch of EURO 2020 Qualifying fixtures was ticked off our list, but in what fashion! If anyone decided to spend two hours to watch Norway v Sweden or Switzerland v Denmark, it’s a decision that can’t be regretted. More on these gems later. Now let’s briefly discuss a burning question…

Live Betting – Yes or No?

Yesterday I provided my opinion on the betting options on offer. Initially, two home wins caught my attention with the value I perceived in the odds. Nevertheless, while researching news, stats and key factors around the games, I hesitated. As a result, I chose to watch the games a little bit first, before deciding whether to proceed with a bet. Here’s what happened in my case in both football matches.

Within the first ten minutes of Armenia v Finland, the away team had already produced two dangerous attacks. At that point I already knew I wasn’t going to bet on Armenia. I certainly didn’t expect Finland to feel so comfortable on that pitch but they demonstrated why they were regarded as the pre-match favs by the bookies. The contest ended 0:2 for Finland. In this case, the opportunity of online live betting helped me save some cash by avoiding a losing bet. I had the freedom to see with my eyes how the game would develop and judge how to proceed.

Live betting can be a friend or a foe. Check out why in this overview of Tuesday’s EURO 2020 Qualifiers.

Bosnia v Greece was a much more intriguing case. After watching the game for 7-8 minutes, I was convinced that odds of 1.90 that were offered at the time on Bosnia were a steal. All the action was happening in Greece’s half, and the Bosnians were playing with a lot of energy in front of their wild fans. I immediately thought this was the game where Bosnia would improve a little bit on their bad H2H record against Greece. I quickly switched to the tab in my browser to bet on the home win at one of the online bookmakers I’m using, but the odds on Bosnia were already 1.25…

The game was not on TV so I had to watch it through an online stream. Such streams, sadly, are usually 30-60 seconds behind the real action. I switched back to the stream knowing Bosnia had already scored. They took a corner kick after which the score became 1:0. I got a little bit irritated, but what can I do.

“I hope Greece miraculously equalize now so I can bet on Bosnia straightaway”

That’s what I said to myself. Nothing remotely close to that happened – five minutes later Bosnia scored a second goal. At that point I got anxious, lamenting the missed opportunity of betting pre-match. I turned off the game and chose to watch Norway v Sweden instead as a pure football fan, because it had been expected to be a close game with huge implications for the second place in the group and one of my EURO 2020 qualifiers outright bets.

While watching, an unexpected series of events occured in Bosnia in the second half. Greece scored a goal, and a few moments later Pjanic received a red card. At that point I’m thinking:

“Ok, maybe the game wasn’t 100% decided as I thought it was”

It wasn’t. Greece scored a second goal 5 minutes from time and stole a point.

This case demonstrates the different facets of live sports betting on so many levels.

It allows you to be more informed before placing a bet on a game. You can watch it and then judge whether to go with your pre-match prediction. This is a huge advantage of live betting.

On the other hand, a significant event, like a goal for the team you are pondering whether to back, changes the odds drastically, meaning a missed opportunity for you. This is a drawback of live betting because you never know when exactly the goal will occur. But on the contrary, another type of significant event, like a red card for the team you are about to bet on, alters the situation and the odds severely again, this time in your favor.

The same things are valid also when you have already placed a bet and are deciding whether to cash it out or not.

Live sports betting can be at the same time a great helping hand and a detriment to your sports betting performance. You can possess great intuition, but luck always plays a part to some extent when you bet live.

The factors that you can control are your preparation and research before the game, and your perception of what you’re witnessing during the game. However, you can’t control external factors like the ones in the Bosnia v Greece match. Sometimes betting live can turn out to be the right decision, sometimes not. Luck often has its own two cents in the matter.

Is sports betting always necessary?

How did my EURO 2020 qualifiers night finish? I didn’t make any of the two bets I had targeted pre-match and it turned out I saved money. At the same time, I watched one of the most epic football matches this year. Norway took a 2:0 lead, Sweden made a complete comeback to 2:3, only until Norway managed to take a point with the last kick of the game.

At the same time, Denmark were down away to Switzerland 3:0 at the 85th minute, but the game ended 3:3. A resemblance of the epic Champions League final in Istanbul, but in smaller proportions.

I was elated as a pure football fan.

In days when you aren’t completely sure what to bet on, sometimes it’s best to just skip betting completely and enjoy the show.