What is Bonus Rollover?

This introductory video is the first from the Quick Answers series in the website. In these videos I will be providing you short answers to important online sports betting questions.

So, let’s kick off. The first video is dedicated to the crucial aspect of bonus rollover, also known as bonus wagering. Enjoy!

You can’t expect to just go away with the bonus funds before wagering them a certain amount of times. Bookies give you bonuses with the condition that you satisfy the rollover requirements.

Suppose you’ve deposited $100 at an online bookmaker and you get another $50 as a bonus. You can’t just withdraw all $150 and disappear – no bookie will allow that.

You have to roll over either the bonus only or the bonus together with the deposit. The specific conditions depend on the bookie and the offer. You may be required to wager the amount for example 5, 8 or 10 times.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t end here – there are additional conditions that each of your bets must satisfy while you are wagering the bonus.

The most widely used are minimum odds per bet (these usually lie between 1.40 – 2.50).

There could also be restricted bet types – for example system bets may not be allowed; Over/Under or Draw No Bet are popular markets that some bookies restrict; often you’ll see that single bets don’t count for a specific offer and you need to place accumulator bets also known as parlay bets, combo bets or multiples.

You also can’t cash out a bet while it’s in-play. Well, technically you can cash it out of course, in case you wish to cash in a profit or limit your losses before the final whistle is blown, but this bet won’t count for your bonus wagering – instead, it will be regarded just as a normal bet not related to the bonus at all.

If your bet is void or cancelled, logically it won’t count towards the bonus wagering too.

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